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Hot Tub chemicals, filters, steps, replacement headrests, lighting, covers and cover lifts, everything you need to complete the hot tub experience and keep your tub running clean and healthy.

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  • Duck Floating Bromine Dispenser

    Duck Floating Bromine Dispenser

    Duck Style floating bromine dispenser This duck-style floating bromine dispenser has an adjustable flow rate. Can be used as a floating chlorine...
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  • Floating Bromine Dispenser

    Floating Bromine Dispenser

    Traditional-style floating bromine dispenser for use with spas, hot tubs and small pools. Features easy access for bromine tab refill without the...
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  • Floating or Submersible Thermometer

    Floating or Submersible Thermometer

    This deluxe convertible thermometer is ideal for pools and hot tubs. Snap-on cap easily converts to a floating thermometer or remove the cap and it...
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  • Hot Tub Booster Seat

    Hot Tub Booster Seat

    A versatile water-filled seat that adds to the comfort and convenience of enjoying the spa. Use as a booster seat or back support. Made of durable,...
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  • Hot Tub Booster Seat Water Brick

    Hot Tub Booster Seat Water Brick

    Made of PVC-coated vinyl, the Water Brick is well suited to the spa environment.  To ensure the seat sinks easily into...
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  • Jacuzzi Headrest Pre-2001

    Jacuzzi Headrest Pre-2001

    Jacuzzi Replacement Headrests for spas made prior to and including 2001. Silver/grey color Snap-in installation     All orders over $25.00...
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  • Jacuzzi J-300 Headrests

    Jacuzzi J-300 Headrests

    Jacuzzi J-300 Series Headrests. This is the newer-style Jacuzzi Pillow Insert with a translucent center logo, which replaces the...
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  • Cover Mate 2 Cover Lifter

    Cover Mate 2 Cover Lifter

    The CoverMate II allows the open cover to rest lower against the spa for a slightly less obstructed view.   • Requires just 18 inches...
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  • Cover Mate Easy Cover Lifter

    Cover Mate Easy Cover Lifter

    A simple design and great value highlight this traditional lift. It works on practically any spa while maintaining a sleek look and strong...
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  • Dura Step

    Dura Step

    The DuraStep II is strong, stable and attractive.  The large, slip-resistant treads snap to the risers in seconds for assembly without tools....
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  • Handi-Step


    Handi-Step Attractive 2-step with one curved and one straight tread works for any spa. Made from 100% maintenance-free synthetic material....
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  • Smart Bar Tray Table

    Smart Bar Tray Table

    Convenience and storage all in one right next to your spa!  Comes standard with our SmartDrawer for storage.      ...
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  • Spa Caddy

    Spa Caddy

    Spa Caddy swing-out tray table, with a heavy-duty mounting bracket. Does not interfere with a spa cover; however, it must be mounted forward of a...
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  • Safety Hand Rail

    Safety Hand Rail

    Spa-side safety handrail swivels 360 degrees. Safely enter and exit any spa Color: Black Slip-free, black foam grip Attaches to spa Constructed from...
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  • Spa Side Hand Rail with Base

    Spa Side Hand Rail with Base

    The Spa Side Handrail rotates 360° to allow for assisted spa entry or exit. Locking feature allows the handrail to be fixed in any position for...
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  • Leak Seal

    Leak Seal

      Leak Seal Specially formulated for spas and hot tubs, Leak Seal seals minor leaks in spa surfaces and plumbing. Convenient and easy-to-use,...
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  • Grit Getter Pre Filter

    Grit Getter Pre Filter

    Grit and other debris can enter the spa and scratch spa surfaces when filling. Eliminate grit with this handy filter that attaches to any garden...
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  • DynoZone Ozonator

    DynoZone Ozonator

    This Ozone system is not CD or UV, but rather a combination of the two. It provides all the positive attributes of both types while...
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  • Jacuzzi Alkalinity Up 2lb

    Jacuzzi Alkalinity Up 2lb

    This granular additive raises spa water alkalinity to prevent pH fluctuation.    Features: Effective water balance control   To...
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  • Bromine Tablets - 1.5 Lbs

    Bromine Tablets - 1.5 Lbs

    1" Round hard packed Bromine Tablets These tablets are a concentrated source of active bromine that dissolve slowly and evenly in spa feeders...
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  • Granular Chlorine

    Granular Chlorine

    Stabilized Chlorinating Concentrate Granular Chlorine will provide effective control of bacteria and algae when used as directed. Active Ingredient:...
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  • Sodium Bromide Liquid

    Sodium Bromide Liquid

    Enhance is a clear solution of sodium bromide salts which remain as a stable bank until a shock (such as Activate) is added to release bromine....
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  • Non-Chlorine Shock

    Non-Chlorine Shock

    Activate A powerful oxidizer, this product “activates” Rendézvous™ Spa Specialties™ Enhance™ bromide salt...
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  • Alkalinity Increaser

    Alkalinity Increaser

    Alkalinity Up for Spas Granular additive raises spa water alkalinity helping maintain pH levels.  Features: Effective water balance...
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  • PH Down

    PH Down

    pH Down for Spas Lowers the pH of spa water.  Features: Effective water balance control Easy to use Applications: To Lower pH Level :...
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  • PH Up

    PH Up

    pH Up for Spas Granular formula raises the pH of spa water.  Features: Effective water balance control Easy to use Applications: To...
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  • Natural Clear

    Natural Clear

    Natural Clear™ enzyme clarifier This natural enzyme clarifier eliminates residue caused by body oils and other debris. It clears water and...
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  • Stain and Scale Control

    Stain and Scale Control

    Protect Plus A dual-purpose liquid concentrate that acts as a protection against staining and scale formation and as a clarifying agent to keep...
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  • Foam Out

    Foam Out

    Foam Down is a concentrated blend of non-oil, anti-foaming agents that stops and prevents foaming. Made for hot water applications, Foam Down is...
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  • Water Testing

    Water Testing

    4-Way Test Strips Use strips for both pools and spas to test pH, Total Alkalinity and Free Chlorine or Total Bromine. A convenient color chart on...
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