Simonis Worsted Billiard Cloth


Worsted cloth is composed of individual strands woven together to form a very smooth, flat surface that doesn't shed fibers or form pills. The prevention of shedding and pilling means that Simonis cloth won't form tracks or grooves that would negatively impact the uniformity of the playing surface.


These unique and prized qualities have resulted in a widespread recognition that Simonis Worsted Cloth is key to creating the finest setting for a game of pool or snooker that you can buy. Outstandingly durable, super fast and smooth, the installation of a Simonis cloth will improve any game you play.



Simonis 760 from $250   

A very fast cloth good for straight pool, available in 12 colors.



Simonis 860 from $250   

A slightly slower cloth than the 760, developed especially for 9-ball games. Available in 25 colors.



Simonis 860HR from $265    

A very high-durability cloth, slower than 760 but faster than 860. Available in 4 colors

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