Malouf Z Shredded Gel Dough Pillow

Malouf Z Shredded Gel Dough Pillow


Z Shredded Gel Dough


Starting at: $53.99


Product Description

The shredded gel dough clusters contained in this pillow serve to create a cool, customizable memory foam pillow. A memory foam sleeve encases the pillow, creating a uniformity of feel while allowing the pillow itself to be shaped and molded to better fit a sleeper's varying preferences.

  • Unique memory foam known as Gel Dough creates a cool, comfortable feel.
  • Combination of clustered Gel Dough memory foam and a solid foam sleeve creates a soft, malleable pillow.
  • Soft, removable bamboo velour cover is both hypoallergenic and excellent for sensitive skin.


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