PB Common Relays


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PB Common Relay


Potter & Brumsfield Common Relays come in two types: the S86-style with front mounted coil spades (shown, and the S87-style with coil spades mounted on the side.

Select number of poles and coil voltage when purchasing.

SPDT = Single Pole,Double Throw

DPDT = Double Pole, Double Throw

S86R5-120  = SPDT 120V Coil

S86R11-120 = DPDT 120V Coil

S86R11-240 = DPDT 240V Coil

S87R11-120 = DPDT 120V Coil

S87R11-240 = DPDT 240V Coil

S87R11-110VDC = DPDT 110VDC Coil (Used in Older Jacuzzi SCM Controls)