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Jacuzzi J-300 Diverter Parts


This product will work as replacement parts for all Jacuzzi J-300 Hot Tubs made from January 2002 to present.

Removal and cleaning of the diverter gates is a simple process and should be part of routine spa care.

Note: Diverter Gate (shown as part 8) is no longer available. You can find the replacement here

How to Clean Diverter Gates:

1. Remove the handle (it simply lifts off).

2. Unscrew the diverter cap. Older models that have never come apart may present some difficulty, but eventually they will unthread and become easy to remove.

3. Lift out the gate valve. Again, it may seem stuck, but it will not be adhered to anything else.

4. Clean and polish the valve. We often use a "Scotch Brite" pad or somewhere between a 400- to 600-grit sandpaper. The goal is to smooth the surface. Wiping the inside of the valve is recommended as well.

5. When re-assembling the gate system, make sure to check the o-rings that fit on the stem of the diverter gate and rest inside the cap. Sometimes a stretched or misaligned o-ring will bind the valve. O-ring dressing or Vaseline can help make this work more smoothly.

That's all there is to it! Gate valves that work smoothly can be easily turned, even with the pumps on. If you follow these steps, you'll never have to replace a broken handle again.

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