Sodium Bromide Liquid




Enhance is a clear solution of sodium bromide salts which remain as a stable bank until a shock (such as Activate) is added to release bromine. Without doubt, the most pleasant sanitizer system available.

Active Ingredient: Sodium Bromide 32.18%

Inert Ingredient: 67.82%


A clear solution of premixed liquid bromide salts that remain as a stable bank in the spa/hot tub water until Shock (Activate) is added. 


  • Completely chlorine-free
  • Shocks and sanitizes simultaneously

Initial Filling:
1. Should be added when the spa/hot tub is filled.
2. Add 4 oz. directly into spa for every 250 gallons of water. Keep the water circulating when adding ENHANCE.

Maintenance (weekly):
Add 1 oz. to every 250 gallons of spa water weekly to maintain a bank of bromide in the water.


32 oz.

Heavy usage, or the length of time the spa/hot tub is in use may result in depletion of bromine and require additional dosages of ENHANCE to maintain the desired bromine residual