Jacuzzi Current Model Heater 220v LCD

Jacuzzi Current Model Heater 220v LCD




Product Description

Jacuzzi 220v 5kw LCD Heater

This is the low-flow heater element used in all current model Jacuzzi J-300 series spas since the 2002 model year. There are three versions: a 4kw used in 110V/220V convertible models, a 5kw used in LED systems and a 5kw model used in LCD systems.

Note: The only difference in the LED and LCD versions are the wire ends. LCD systems use a screw terminal, while LED systems use a spade connector.

What Heater Do I Need?

Topside has ten buttons: 6500-403 LCD Model

Topside displays the temerature in red: 6500-402 LED Models

The 6500-063 110V/220V Convertible works for all J-310, J-315 and J-325 spas made in 2004 and 2008. 


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