Jacuzzi 56 Frame Emerson Bracketless Pump Parts


Jacuzzi Emerson 56 Fr Pump Parts


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Product Description

Jacuzzi used the 56-frame pump and Emerson motor from May of 2009 to 2012 in most of the 300 Series hot tubs, including the J-375, J-365, J-355, J-345 and J-335. The J-315 and J-325 continued to use a 48-frame pump and motor combination.

Bracketless refers to the motor mount only. Motors using this pump do not have a mounting shoe built into the motor. Jacuzzi used a secondary mount with a clamp and single bolt to hold the motor in, and in which this pump willl fit. T universal rear housing can be set to any orientation. 

If you are unsure about sizes, check your motor ID plate. If it reads "FR 56 *", then this pump will fit your motor. If it says "FR 48*", the 56-frame Emerson will NOT fit your motor. 

* = this code is followed a letter suffix, normally "Y" or "J". Either is acceptable.



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