Hot Tub Electrical

Just the basics so far. Tons of additional items available.

24 Hour Time Clock
Available in:  TA4071 120V Time Clock 24 Hour TA4066 240V Time Clock 24 Hour

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7 Day Time Clock
Available in: TA4066 7 Day 240V Time Clock TA4073 7 Day 120V Time Clock

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Bridge Rectifier
This part transforms 120V AC input to 110V DC output. Found in most older Jacuzzi mechanical controls.

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Circuit Breaker 20 Amp
This 20-Amp circuit breaker is found in most older Jacuzzi Blue Box and Brown Box SCM Controls.

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These switches are commonly used to provide power to the heater element; however, there are many other applications. Pay particular attention to...

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Fuse Holder 30 Amp
30-Amp fuse holder. This part is used in lots of controls, including older Jacuzzi digital systems made by Balboa.

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Fuse Holder Inline 20 Amp
Panel mount in-line fuse holder. This part is used in lots of controls by many different manufacturers and holds a SC-20 time-delay fuse.

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Fuse Holder Inline 25 Amp
25 Amp in-line fuse holder. This part is used in lots of controls by many manufacturers and holds a SC-25 time-delay fuse.

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GFCI Dead Front 20 Amp
20-amp Dead Front GFCI. This part generally mounts to the front panel of older mechanical controls.   Color will vary.

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GFCI Load Center
This rain-tight outdoor load center meets all NEC requirements. With 4 spaces total, it includes a 50-amp GFCI breaker.

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GFCI Power Cord 15 Amp
 This part is used for many 120V spas and includes a 15' cord and 12-gauge wire with a 15-amp GFCI plug.

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PB Common Relays
Potter & Brumsfield Common Relays come in two types: the S86-style with front mounted coil spades (shown, and the S87-style...

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PC-25 Relay
This common relay is available in: PC-25-3 25A DPST 120V Coil PC-25-4 25A DPDT 120V Coil

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T92 Relay
A Double Pole, Double Throw Common Relay. Available in: T92S11A22-120  DPDT 120V Coil T92S11A22-240  DPDT 240V Coil

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Terminal Block
This is a heavy 3-position terminal block with additional spade connectors.

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Time Delay Fuses
These common time-delay fuses are available in 4 sizes: SC-15 15 amp (Blue),  SC-20 20 amp (Orange), SC-25 25 amp (Green), and SC-30...

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