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Some real life savers here, like fitting extenders and split nuts for pump unions. These are items you can't pick-up at the local plumbing supply house.

Jacuzzi J-300 Air Control Switch
Air controls for Jacuzzi J-300 Series Hot Tubs Which Switch Do I Need? All spas produced from 2002 to 2006 use the   push button version #...

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Jacuzzi J-300 Diverter All Handles and Gate Parts
This product will work as replacement parts for all Jacuzzi J-300 Hot Tubs made from January 2002 to present. Removal and cleaning of the diverter...

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Jacuzzi J-300 Maxx PowerPro Jet
The Maxx PowerPro is the largest jet featured in most J-300 Series Spas built since 2002. There have been a number of changes to this jet assembly...

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Water Manifold with 3/4" Slip Ports
While there are lots of configurations for these manifolds, these options are the most common. You can bushing these down easily, if need...

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Fitting Extender Outside
This is a very handy item. The large end will fit over a standard fitting and the small end allows for a standard connection.

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Fitting Extender Inside
This is a very handy item. The small end fits inside all standard schedule 40 plumbing and the large end allows for a standard...

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Split Nut for Pump Unions
This small-flange split nut fits most pump unions and other standard fittings. If you have a cracked pump union, cut off the nut and wrap this...

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Split Nut for Heater Unions
This is a split nut commonly used in heater connections.

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Heater Union Complete
This kit includes a tailpiece, split nut, and o-ring gasket.

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Pump Union Complete
This is a common pump union kit, with standard threads that fit most pumps made today. Kit includes both the male and female halves with an...

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Pump Union Female
This is a common pump union kit, with standard threads that fit most pumps made today. Kit  includes a nut, tailpiece and o-ring.

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Jacuzzi J Pump Union
This product is a Jacuzzi self-aligning pump union. Photo does not show bevel on tailpiece. This part is used on all J-Pump and K-Pump Wet Ends....

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Pump Union 45 Degree Street 2"
These common threads fit most 2" pumps made today. Includes nut, 45 degree tailpiece, and o-ring.

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Manifold with 3/4" Barbed Ports
Available in some of the more common combinations, although there are several varieties not shown. Shown with 6 3/4" barbed fittings. All barbs...

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