Clearance Parts

All parts are new unless identified as used. All of our used parts are bench tested and rated reliable prior to sale. We work really hard to make sure any used part is in good, serviceable condition. 

After 16 years of working on hot tubs we've managed to accumulate a ton of inventory that is rarely used, and it's time to clear the shelves.

Dealers and Spa Techs are most certainly welcome.

Uni-Cel C 4995 Filter
Cartridge, 95sqft, 2-1/8"opening top, 2-1/8"opening bottom, 4-15/16" diameter, 23-5/8" height

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Watkins Dual Voltage Square Flange
A rebuilt part in good condition. The motor can run 115V or 230V. 

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Jacuzzi J-300 Replacement Filter ProLine P6CH-961
High Quality Replacement Filter for all Jacuzzi J-300 Series Hot tubs including J-310, J-315, J-320, J-325, J-330, J-335, J-340, J-345, J-350, J-355,...

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TBS 417 Air Switch
TBS 417 Air Switch Side Spout DPDT Latching Used. Bench Tested Good.  

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Omron SPDT Relay
Omron SPDT Relay 120V Coil Used. Excellent Working Order

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Surge Suppressor Pair
Pair of Quencharg Surge Suppressors Commonly used across double pole contactors to eliminate coil chatter

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Jacuzzi 240V Bath Tub Heater
Jacuzzi Rapid Bath Tub Heater.  Requires 240V 15 Amp GFCI Protected Circuit.  Includes Power Cord and Unions      

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Catalina Diverter Handles
Catalina Diverter handles with wrench. Includes two handles. Used in pretty old Catalina Hot Tubs

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Jandy 4720 Diverter Gate
Jandy never lube diverter gate Fits #1154,1157,2875,2876,4367,4369 bodies New Inventory

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WaterWay Diverter Jet Water Body
WaterWay Diverter Jet Water Body. Includes Wall Fitting 2" Slip Connection Inlet. 1.5" Slip Outlet Connections (two of these) 1" Slip...

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Hayward 1500 Pump Housing
Hayward SP-1500BT front housing with internal and external threads Hayward SP-1500AT pump housing rear with internal and external threads. Includes...

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Hayward SP-1705-BT Pump Front
Hayward SP-1705-BT pump front cover. Used Apperance good Structure excellent  

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Premier 1.5HP Pump
Premier 1.5 Hp wet end complete. This pump is a drop dead clone of an Aqua Flo FMHP. Fits 1.5" Standard Unions MBT

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Jacuzzi J Pump Housing Only
Jacuzzi J Pump Housing Only. Includes Volute and Mounting Plate. Does Not Include Shaft Seal, Impeller, O-Ring or Bolts. Used. Excellent...

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WaterWay 3110 Center Discharge Pump Housing
WaterWay 3110 center discharge pump front and rear housings with 1.5" MBT threads Includes all stainless machine screws Includes new shaft seal...

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Deihl TA 4073 7 Day Time Clock
Deihl 7 Day Time Clock 120V Used. Bench Tested Excellent.

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Intermatic 24 Hour Clock
Intermatic 24 Hour Time Clock.  Commonly used in Acura Controls among others Used 120V Motor Blue keys All our used parts are fully bench tested...

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Intermatic 7 Day Time Clock
Intermatic 7 Day Time Clock Used 120V  Clock Motor All our used parts are benck tested and rated reliable prior to sale

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