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Cue tip repair kits, tip cutters, picks and shapers.

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Cue Cube and Shaft Slicker Combo
Cue Cube and Shaft Slicker packaged together provides you with what you need to take care of your wood cue and tip.

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Cue Tec Bowtie Tip Tool
Cute Tec Bow Tie Tip Tool. Shape, Scuff and Prik tools all in a very nice brushed aluminum body

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Moose Head Bridge Head
The Moose Head slip on bridge head has a rubberized center so it won't mar a cue. Fits well over the tip and ferrule of any 13 mm cue.

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Prik Stik
Sharp tip pik with cap and keychain

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Rapid Cue Top Sander
Rapid Cue TopSander. Levels ferrule belore new tip replacement. Includes replacement sanding discs. Heavy cast construction.

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Tip Pik
A simple way to add chalk retention to your cue tip chalk-up, the Tip Pik features sharp needle-like points that create perforations in the tip to...

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Tweeten Repair Kit
Tweeten Cue Tip repair kit has everything you need, including a supply of 13mm Elk Master Tips.      

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Ultimate Tip Tool
Ultimate Tip Tool. The Swiss Army Knife of its kind. Features Nickel Shaper, Dime Shaper, Trimmer, Burnisher, and Tapper. Available in Black. Other...

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Williard Tip Shaper
Williards shapers are a simple but effective nickel- or dime-radius scuffer for reshaping and scuffing your cue tip. Such a simple tool helps...

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