6 Flo-Thru Element Standard

While the most common version is shown here, several different immersion lengths and voltages are availabe for this part.

6-Flo is 11" long and will operate at 5.5KW 240 Volt or can be used as a 1.5KW 115 Volt.

If the heater element in your spa will test for continuity, it has the ability to perform work. Here's how to test your heater element:

1. Disconnect the element from the system to get an accurate reading.

2. Use a 1/4" wrench to hold the bottom nut stationary, and a 3/8" wrench to remove the top nut. Remove wire or copper straps.

3. Set your meter to test ohms and touch a lead to each heater terminal. If your meter shows "OL" or the needle doesn't move, the element is open and must be replaced. If you get a reading between 9-12 with your meter set on 200ohm or the lowest available setting,  the element is able to perform work and the resistance reading is within acceptable ranges. 

GFCI trips are another matter. Disconnect the heater element wires or copper straps and point them in a safe place. if your GFCI holds and the rest of the system operates normally, replace the heater element. 





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