Jacuzzi Flow Switch for J-300 Systems

Jacuzzi Flow Switches used in J-300 Series Hot Tubs from 2002+

Which Switch Do I Need

  •  J-300 Series LCD models (All models with 10 button LCD Topside): Box End connector # 6560-860 used in J-350,J-360,J-370 J-380 built in 2002-2003 and J-355, J-365, J-375 , J-385 built 2004-2006
  • J-300 Series LED models Knurled End connector with Plug #2560-040 used in J-320, J-330, J-335, J-340, J-345 for all model years prior to 2017 and J-355, J-365, J-375, J-385 built 2007 to 2016 and  J-325 built 2005-2007.
  •  J-310, J-315 from 2002 to 2016 and J-325 built in 2004 and 2008 to 2016 : Spade End connector # 6560-852 (these models are 110V to 220V convertible systems)

230V Led and LCD flow switches are essentially the same except for the wire ends (shown in product picture).

110V to 220V convertible system switches sit in a white schedule 40 PVC fitting.

Common Error Codes:

Flo-2: Most likely cause is the flow switch.

Flo or Flo-1: Not always caused by the flow switch. This error is can be caused by a defective circulation pump or contaminated filter.







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