Jacuzzi Current Model Sensors

Temperature and Hi Limit Sensors for current model Jacuzzi J-300 Series Spas Built from 2002 to 2016.

6600-167 Temp Sensor with box end connector for LCD Systems

6600-166 Temp Sensor with curled end connectors for LED Systems

6600-168 Hi Limit Sensor with box end connectors for LCD Systems

6600-144 Hi Limit Sensor with curled end connectors for LED Systems

LCD Systems use a 10 button topside control built 2002 to 2006

LED systems use either a 4 ,5, or 6 button topside control from 2002 to 2013. Temp display in red numbers. 2014-2015 model years revert to a LCD screen

SN-2 Error code refers to a non-funtional Temperature Sensor.

SN-1 Error code refers to a non-funtional Hi Limit Sensor.

Three dashed lines (watchdog) is almost always corrected by replacing the Temperature Sensor.

Rapidly changing temperature or wildly inaccurate displays are almost always fixed by replacing the temperature sensor.

Here's how we replace a temperature sensor without draining the spa.

You'll need wire cutters, groove joint pliers or 1" wrench, electrical tape, 2' of 1" or larger pipe and a small jewelers screwdriver, paper clip or equivelent to push down the retainer clip on the sensor wire ends.

First, remove the sensor wires from the plug at the circuit board. Best thing to do next is connect your new sensor to the circuit board and toss the new temperature sensor over the top of the spa into the water, wait a couple minutes, then power the system back on and see if everything works as it should. If so, disconnect the new sensor wires from the plug at the circuit board and exit the wire from the control box. Trace the old sensor wire to the right, and you'll see it go into a 1/2" spa flex pipe and continue into a wall of foam.  Fit a 1" or larger piece of pipe to divert the water over the 1/2" spa flex.  Don't forget to fish the old sensor wire through this add-on pipe. All we are looking to do here is not let water splash down on pump one. If you want to build out the conduit and bring it above the water line, use a 1/2" coupler to connect to the spa flex "conduit" and adapt out to whatever size hose you are using.

Next, remove the skim shield and filter one from the spa. Looking down, you'll see the business end of the temperature sensor coming out of the side of the filter box. The sensor threads into a wall fitting, so just un-screw the sensor head and pull just enough wire through to clear the water, and cut the sensor head off. The white rubber gasket on the old sensor can be re-used as it is very robust, so you can use the old one or install a new o-ring which is now included with every temp sensor order.

Tape the new sensor wire to the old wire and pull it all the way through. Hand tighten the sensor and then give it another 1/2 to 3/4 turn to seal it to the tub wall. Remove your "diverter" pipe.  Install the wires into the plug end and connect back to the circuit board. 

Be quick, but don't hurry, and you'll lose about 4-5 gallons of water through this process. Best of all, your tub is now ready to use.





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