Jacuzzi Temperature Sensor for J-210, J-220, J-230, 270 Hot Tubs




Jacuzzi  Model 6600-166 Temperature Sensor for Jacuzzi hot tub models J-210, J-220, J-230 and J-270

Fits all Jacuzzi 200 Series Hot Tubs built from 2005 to present day.

Common Sensor Error Codes

  • "SN-2" refers to a non-functional temperature sensor.
  • "SN-1" refers to a non-functional Hi Limit sensor.
  • Three dashed lines ("watchdog") is commonly corrected by replacing the temperature sensor.
  • Quickly changing temperature displays ie; 85 to 98 to 106 to OH in a matter of seconds is almost always corrected by replacing the temp sensor.


  • Model: 6600-166
  • Manufactured by: Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

Manufacturer Info