Simonis 860 English Green Felt Kit

Simonis 860 Worsted Billiard Cloth Pre-Cut Felt Kit

Simonis is the industry standard of excellence and there simply is not a better fabric for your pool table. Simonis 860 is a worsted wool fabric that has a definite weave to it, unlike a woolen felt that has an omni directional pattern (meaning there is not a pattern at all, just a buch of fibers running every direction).  Simonis 860 is very flat, very fast, and has excellent ball 

Simonis 860 - The New Standard for Pool

  • 90% wool / 10% nylon
  • Slightly slower and heavier than the #760 Blend but still very fast.
  • Combed Worsted Wool and high thread count assure long lasting wear.
  • Nap-free.Will not pill or fluff.
  • The Most Durable Simonis

Package Includes:

  •  Pre-Cut Bed Cloth and Six Pre-Cut Rail Cloths
  •  One dozen pieces of Master or Silver Cup Chalk (Brand by best color match)
  •  Free Shipping
  •  Buy with confidence, each cut is hand inspected before it ships

Measure inside rail dimensions (cushion nose to cushion nose)  or overall length and width to determine table size.

If you measure:

  • 39" X 78"  Inside rails or 51" X 90" overall, your table is  3.5' X 7'
  • 44" X 88"  Inside rails or 56" X 100" overall, your table is 4' X 8'
  • 46" X 92"  Inside rails or 58" X 104" overall, your table is OS 8'
  • 50" X 100" Inside rails or 62" X 112" overall, your table is 4.5' X 9'
  • 56" X 112" Inside rails or 68" X 124" overall, your table is 5' X 10'
  • 68" X 136" Inside rails or 80" X 148" overall, your table is 6' X 12'

Dimensions can differ depending on table design, variances of +/- 1.5" are within range.

Click here for installation instructions in PDF format.

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Simonis Pre-Cut Bed/Rails

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