Jacuzzi BMH Jet Assembly

This jet was commonly the smallest jet in any Jacuzzi Hot Tub built prior to 2001, and  had some later-year applications in the lower-end builders and Z-series spas.

Jet color is standard Jacuzzi Grey.


Exploded drawing and listing provided for reference only.





Parts List

1. 2000-110, Jet: Completed BMH Jet Assembly without nut (JWB# 8489945)
2. 2570-083, Screw: 4-20, BMH Jet, 2 Required (JWB# 8397000); Limited Stock
3. 2000-102, Retainer, BMH Jet (JWB# 8412945)
4. 2000-103, Nozzle: BMH Jet (JWB# 8413945)
5. 2000-105, O-Ring BMH Jet (JWB# 8488000)
6. 2000-104, O-Ring: BMH Jet (JWB# 8487945)

7. 2000-101, Body: BMH Jet (JWB# 8411945)

8. 2000-100, BMH Nut

Older-model hot tubs plumb with standard 3/4" fittings for the rear water inlet and standard 1/2" fittings for the top air inlet to make connections to flexible PVC Pipe. These fittings are readily available at your local plumbing supply.

Later model hot tubs (from about 1998 to 2001) plumb with specialty barbed fittings to make connections to Vinyl Tubing. Use a 1/2"Spg X 3/8" Barbed for the air inlet and a 3/4" Slip X 3/4" Barbed for the water inlet.

A PVC wire saw comes in handy for cutting off the old plumbing in hard-to-reach places. The air fitting must be cut flush to the old jet to remove the wall nut.

Note: These jets are a perfect fit for all Jacuzzi Jetted Bath Tubs as well.  Jet color may be at issue, as these are grey in color while most bath tubs use White.

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Jacuzzi BMH Jet Assembly

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