Jacuzzi HTC Jet Assembly

Jacuzzi HTC Jet Assembly. This jet was used until 2001 in almost all spas that Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath built including platinum,select and premier series hot tubs, plus many of the echo and z series hot tubs. These jets are a medium grey color while most older spas have had the existing jets "bleached" to a lighter, off-white color.


Individual parts are no longer available. Exploded drawing shown for reference only.






Individual Parts

1. 6570-079, Screw, HTC Jet, 3 Required
2. 2000-163, Ring: Clamping Ring HTC (JWB# B788945)
3. 2000-161, Gasket: Clamping Ring HTC (1840000)
4. 2000-164, Swivel: HTC Jet (JWB# B786945)
5. 6540-786, Plug, 1/2" Spigot (JWB# B777000)
6. 2540-352, Ring: Back-Up HTC (JWB# 1835000)
7. 2540-351, Nut, Locking HTC (JWB# 1835000)
8. 2000-162, Body HTC Jet (JWB# A320945)

9. 2000-020, 1/2" Slip X 1/2" Spigot Adapter

10. 6540-024, 1/2 " Spigot X 3/8" Barbed Adapter

Here are some tips for replacement of the complete jet.

  • Cut the 1/2" plug and 1/2" air line flush to the jet body. A PVC wire saw is handy for this.
  • Cut the 1.5" water line fitting flush at the top where it connects to the PVC plumbing.
  • Remove wall nut and washer and push the old jet thru the tub wall. Clean old silicone off.
  • Run about a 1/4" bead of 100% silicone around the wall flange of the new jet.
  • Insert new jet. Note the notch in the tub wall and line up with the "bump" on top on the new jet. Fasten with washer and wall nut.
  • Glue in 1/2" plug and 1/2" air fitting. The 1/2" air fitting is normally a "street elbow", a 1/2" pipe extender, or a 1/2"X3/8" barbed fitting.
  • Glue on the 1.5" coupler for the water line to the Jet Body. Normally a standard straight coupler or 45 degree elbow or a T fitting.
  • Glue in the 1/2"  PVC or  3/8" vinyl air line. Hopefully there is enough line left you don't have to add a piece.
  • Glue in the 1.5" water line to the coupler on the jet body. Consider using a fitting extender here. One side will fit "inside" the  flexible PVC and the other end will fit inside the coupler.  This way you don't have to change the length of the 1.5" water line.
  • Follow label directions for cure times on silicone and PVC cement before filling spa.
Note: These jets are a perfect fit for all Jacuzzi Jetted Bath Tubs as well.  Jet color may be at issue, as these are Grey in color while most bath tubs use White.



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Jacuzzi HTC Jet

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  • Manufactured by: Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

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