Jacuzzi Hi Limit Sensor for LCD J-350, J-360, J-370, J-380




Product Description

Temperature and Hi Limit Sensors for current model Jacuzzi J-300 Series Spas built from 2002 to Present Day.

Our Sensors

  • 6600-167 Temp Sensor with box end connector for LCD Systems
  • 6600-166 Temp Sensor with curled end connectors for LED Systems
  • 6600-168 Hi Limit Sensor with box end connectors for LCD Systems
  • 6600-144 Hi Limit Sensor with curled end connectors for LED Systems

LCD or LED: Which Do I Need?

  • LCD Systems use a 10 button topside control.
  • LED systems use either a 4, 5 or 6 button topside control and have a red temperature display.

Common Sensor Error Codes

  • "SN-2" refers to a non-functional temperature sensor.
  • "SN-1" refers to a non-functional Hi Limit sensor.
  • Three dashed lines ("watchdog") is almost always corrected by replacing the temperature sensor.
  • Rapidly changing temperature or wildly inaccurate displays are almost always fixed by replacing the temperature sensor.
  • The Hi Limit Sensor rarely needs replacement.

Click here for instructions on how to replace the temperature sensor in your spa


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