Jacuzzi Temperature Sensor for LCD J-355, J-365, J-375, J-385

Temperature Sensor for Jacuzzi J-355, J-365, J-375 and J-385 With LCD Control System built in 2004 to 2006

This Sensor

  • 6600-167 Temp Sensor with box end connector for LCD Systems
  • Includes New O-Ring

Common Sensor Error Codes

  • "SN-2" refers to a non-functional temperature sensor.
  • "SN-1" refers to a non-functional Hi Limit sensor.
  • Three dashed lines ("watchdog") is almost always corrected by replacing the temperature sensor.
  • Rapidly changing temperature or wildly inaccurate displays are almost always fixed by replacing the temperature sensor.
  • Consider replacing the Hi Limit sensor as well as it can also cause the dashed lines "watchdog" error code

Click here for instructions on how to replace the temperature sensor in your spa


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  • Model: 6600-167
  • Manufactured by: Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

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